Until we can all meet again in person at our REAL home, the Buffalo Rose, we are offering At Home Editions of Golden Beer Talks! These At Home Editions will include short videos providing an informational talk along with some details about local beers.

October 2020 Beer Talk

Becky Brice, USGS
Tree Rings and Snow: an inside peek at paleoenvironmental research

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Snow is not only important for wintertime fun and spectacular views of white-crested peaks along the Colorado Front Range. Snow in the Intermountain West means water. Recent declines in snowpack may be a harbinger for future impact on water supply of the western United States because runoff to rivers and reservoirs is tightly linked to the amount of water present in our snow. Further, recent widespread wildfires in the western United States are a sign of a comprehensive and fundamental shift in climate and the systems affected by it.

This presentation provides updates to expected wintertime weather in 2020-2021 and underscores the importance of long-term information about changes in snowpack and fire in this region. You will be taken on two field expeditions to collect environmental proxies of climate and fire in order to reconstruct conditions in the past. Enjoy spending time in the field with experts and get a first-hand glimpse at the joys and the challenges of paleoenvironmental research.

Speaker bio:
Becky Brice lives in Golden and is a Geographer at the United States Geological Survey. She earned her Ph.D. from the School of Geography and Development at the University of Arizona in 2020 and was a 2017 Climate Assessment for the Southwst Climate and Society Fellow. Her research leverages the finely detailed information contained in tree rings to focus on climate variability, which controls changes in the Earth’s water cycle and hydrologic extremes. Her focus is on water resources and the impacts of climate extremes in the southwestern United States.

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How This Works (in non-pandemic times)
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