#29 Darren Beck, Director of Water Resources Platte River Recovery Implementation Program: Our Precious Platte River: Endangered Species Recovery and Habitat Restoration.

Darren Beck

Our Precious Platte River: Endangered Species Recovery and Habitat Restoration

DarrenBeckPhotoSM2Since 1997, a cooperative effort known as the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program (PRRIP) has worked to improve management of the Platte River for the health of the ecosystem and the people who depend upon it—including residents of the greater Denver metro area. At the helm of this effort, Darren Beck leads this endangered species recovery and habitat restoration project, which is based on a unique partnership between the states of Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, as well as the federal Department of Interior. The PRRIP is focused on increasing stream flows and supporting the endangered whooping crane, the threatened piping plover, interior least tern and pallid sturgeon.

Beck is a Professional Hydrologist and Director of Water Resources for the PRRIP on behalf of Headwaters Corporation.  His experience includes 12 years of water resources engineering, hydrologic analyses, water resources planning and management, river surveying and project management.