#26 Andrew Novick, National Institutes of Standards and Technology: The Atomic Clock: What Time it is—And Why

Andrew Novick is an electrical engineer and expert on the atomic clock administered by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST). Novick discussed atomic clocks and how they work, along with addressing fascinating questions including: How do we get time from atoms? And why do we need such accurate time?

By the time you finish listening, you will know exactly what time it is—and why!

Novick has worked in the Time and Frequency Services group at NIST since he was a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder in the late 1980s. As a time meteorologist, Novick measures time and compares atomic clocks. He also is responsible for disseminating time—getting time “out there” to industry and the general population.

Novick also creates food events and demonstrations, “performs” PowerPower presentations, and promotes other events in the Denver metro area.

NIST is a federal standards organization, contributing to the definition is the Standard International (SI) units, such as length, mass, temperature, electric current and more.