#12 Dr. Dendy Sloan and Dr. Cynthia Norrgran: Three Minds and Memory

Our speakers are Dr. Dendy Sloan and Dr. Cynthia Norrgran, coauthors of Neuroscience, Memory, and Learning, and their much-anticipated joint presentation is entitled Three Minds and Memory.

Drs. Sloan and Norrgran will briefly discuss functions of the three brain portions each of us have: reptilian, Paleomammilian (animal), and neocortical (human). Connecting those three parts to simple memory types (short-term, working, and long-term) will be done next. The talk will conclude with a working example and a list for those who wish to read further.

SloanPhotoDr. Norrgran is Teaching Associate Professor and Dr. Sloan is University Professor Emeritus in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at the Colorado School of Mines. Dr. Norrgran is a retired neurosurgeon with 15 years of practice, and Dr. Sloan has a half-century of engineering teaching and practice. Their monograph Neuroscience, Memory, and Learning was published in 2013.