#18 Quint Redmond Agriburbia: Growing Sustainable Communities by the Bushel

In today’s climate of soaring gas prices, international conflicts, and concerns about food availability and quality, there are highly profitable opportunities emerging in sustainable land development. Quint Redmond’s firm, Agriburbia®, incorporates sustainable practices such as alternative energy, natural storm water management, and pedestrian focus and adds a new element that is the re-integration of food production directly within the living environment.

This “truly” sustainable initiative improves the quality of life by combining the best qualities of rural living with the advantages of urban conveniences and culture. The result is improved agriculture, enhanced development practices and the enrichment of the residents, tenants, and guests within these Agriburbia® mixed-use developments.

Mr. Redmond is co-owner of AgriNETx LLC and Agriburbia LLC. and has more that 20 years of professional experience in design, planning, natural resources, agriculture and spatial technologies. His combined knowledge in each of these disciplines allows him to effectively manage projects that result in innovative designs, technologically advfarmtableanced data management, and new approaches to sustainabledevelopment. Mr. Redmond has a strong multi-faceted agricultural background which plays heavily in his innovative ideas for incorporating agriculture back into our modern communities. He and his wife are the Co-Creators of Agriburbia®.