#46 – Trevor Pellerite – The Colorado Prairie Initiative

The Pawnee and Comanche National Grasslands of Colorado provide the public with opportunities to explore one of the most imperiled ecosystems on the continent. The shortgrass prairies of Colorado offer a bounty of unique wildlife, as well as recreational opportunities unlike those afforded anywhere else in the state. But the prairies face many challenges, ranging from energy exploration to incompatible land uses to controversial wildlife management. This presentation will give a brief history of the National Grassland system in the United States and highlight some of the incredible opportunities that are present on the two National Grasslands in Colorado. It will conclude with a discussion of the challenges facing the Colorado prairies and what we can do to protect these incredible places. This presentation will be given by Trevor Pellerite, the President of the Colorado Prairie Initiative, a Fort Collins-based nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring and conserving the prairie and grassland ecosystems of Colorado.

Trevor Pellerite is an attorney and conservation advocate living in Boulder, CO. After growing up in Minnesota, Trevor moved to Colorado to attend law school at CU-Boulder. During his time at CU, Trevor developed a passion for the wide open landscapes of the Colorado prairies, and started the Colorado Prairie Initiative to advocate for its continued protection and conservation. In his spare time, Trevor enjoys fishing, hunting, and bird watching.